Why Choose Tribina Wahana Cipta

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Large Practical Experience

[/four_fifth_last] Tribina Wahana Cipta is a medium sized, high tech company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company offers a wide range of engineering & consulting services as well as soil testing, mini bore pile foundation, construction dewatering and topographic surveying. Tribina has been operating since 2005 and has an extensive list of national and international clients, ranging from large multinational companies to government agencies and small private operators.
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High Professional Level of Employees


Tribina Wahana Cipta Engineers and Labours and every level  of Management Staff  have natural innovators in order to drive for efficiency. We  demand clarity about the desired outcomes of their role. We’re passionate about our work — We have a visceral connection to what we do. We challenge others to work with mission and purpose.  Moreover, Our CEO, Ir. Fauzi Buldan Y, MRE is a member as well as caretaker of Indonesian Society for Geotechnical Engineering – ISGE

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High Quality of The Offered Services

[/four_fifth_last] Tribina Wahana Cipta projects have varied in size from small boundary surveys to multi-million dollar developments. In addition, Tribina Wahana Cipta also has the skills and experience to process his project from a plan and design phase to final approval and layout using the most efficient and cost effective methods available. More over, Tribina Wahana Cipta provide Environmentally Friendly & Safe Working Environment and Good Quality Work with Continual Improvement.
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